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The Lipizzaner horse's origins are from Europe and the establishment of the Lipizzaner breed in Australia was undertaken by the importation of mature breeding horses from various locations in Europe.  

The first Lipizzaners were imported in 1973 by Geoff Adcock from Ravenswood Stud in SA who brought in: 

  • Stallion Siglavy Flora 1.75 (pictured below) - this stallion was the mount of the Director of the Spanish Riding School at the time, Crnl Hans Handler.

and four mares:

  • 502 Trompeta X
  • 528 Monteaura III
  • 491 Gaeta VIII
  • 536 Steaka IX.

Pictured below is Stallion Siglavy Flora 1.75 the first Lipizzaner Stallion to arrive in Australia, imported by G.Adcock in 1973

In 1976-1977, Maryanne & Bent Christensen from Bibaringa stud in the ACT imported:

  • Stallion Pluto Plutona -14

and 3 Hungarian mares:

  • Conversano XX-17
  • Incitato IX-10 (bay)
  • Neapolitano XIX-2

* Pictured below is mare Neopolitano XIX-2 imported from Hungary via Denmark by the Christensens

along with an Arabian/Lipizzaner mare Electra, the Arabian stallion Kazmir & the Warmblood stallion Waszu.

In 1977,  Georgina Beard of Fulmer Rise Stud, NSW imported:

  • Stallion 384 Pluto Nima XII who competed with much success to Prix St George (he only had one purebred foal).

and again in 2002, Fulmer Rise Stud imported: 

  • Stallion 226 Favory Naussica
  • mare Pluto XXIX-23
  • filly 234 Pomona (imported in dam)

In 2005, Habsburg Lipizzaners in SA imported :

  • Stallion 224 Conversano Allegra V

In 2013, Annwn Park Lipizzaner Stud imported:

  • German bred Lipizzaner filly KL Generale 321 (bred by Kirsch Lipizzaners)

In 2014 Elizabeth J Verissimo imported:

  • Stallion Maestoso Gratia.