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The LAA is the only member in Australasia recognised by the Lipizzan International Federation. The LAA is the upholder of the purest breeding principles based on integrity and transparency. All horses that are put forward for registration must have their parentage conclusively proved by DNA testing, and this testing is done using one of the most reputable laboratories for equine testing in the world.

For Australia and New Zealand there is only one Stud Book recognised by Lipizzan International Federation, the Spanish Riding School and Piber and that is the Stud Book held by the Lipizzaner Association of Australasia (LAA).  

For breeding stock to be included in this Stud Book, registered purebred Lipizzaner mares and stallions must be Accredited for breeding purposes.   Through accreditation, the quality and soundness of the breed is ensured for future generations.


During accreditation, each Lipizzaner is assessed for conformation, type and movement.

Accreditation of breeding stock does not happen every year so in some instances, horses will be registered as noted as 'Pending Accreditation'.

The first Australian breeding stock accreditation was held in 1999 with horses being validated by the former head of the Spanish Riding School, Dr. Oulahla. The next accreditation was held in 2004 by Lez Szathmary (from Hungary) with the most recent accreditation occurring in May 2012 by Dr Yvonne Peeters (veterinarian and member of the Lipizzaner International Federation Breeding committee.)

The Accreditation process has implications on the registration process for Pure Breds as well.  For example where a Pure Bred Stallion fails Accreditation, then any offspring from that Stallion will also not be accredited to breed and is then subsequently excluded from the Stud Book.  So if a failed Stallion had previously produced a colt, that colt would also not be accredited and is therefore ineligible for breeding future purebred stock. Although the colt is pure in breeding as a Lipizzaner, it would be ineligible for inclusion in the Studbook for breeding purposes. It could however be included in the Partbred/Other register when gelded.

Purebred Lipizzaner Standard of Excellence – Judging Guidelines

Part Bred Lipizzaner Standard of Excellence – Judging Guidelines

Members requiring their Lipizzaners accredited for breeding purposes are encouraged to remain in contact with the LAA to ensure they are informed about requirements and future accreditations.


2012-2013 Stallion Return Form

2013-2014 Stallion Return Form

2012-2013 Mare Return Form


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Members focussed on breeding their Lipizzaners are encouraged to discuss their breeding plan with the LAA to ensure bloodlines are compatible and desired conformationational traits are represented in the breeding program.

At the end of each breeding season, members involved in breeding are required to lodge a Mare Return Form   and Stallion Return Form  as applicable. This provides a record of the breeding activities for the year and is correlated with Horse Registrations when lodged with the Association.

Stallion owners are also required to complete a Stallion Service Certificate (hardcopies available in triplicate format from LAA).  The original is given to the mare owner and must accompany registration papers, the duplicate is kep by the stallion owner for their records and the triplicate is forwarded to the LAA by the stallion owner.

If you are intending to Artifically Inseminate, please complete the Notice of Intention to Artificially Inseminate form and lodge this with the LAA prior to acquiring the semen.  This process allows the LAA to review the compatibility and inform the member of any potential issues.