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This page is open to member submissiions. We would love for you to share with us what's happening with your Lipizzaners. Whether you've been to a dressage competition, clinic, endurance ride or fun outing; this is the place for you.

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Lipizzaners Are Versatile

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Elite stallion, Maestoso Gratia showing his style over fences.

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2016 Accreditation

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The fabulous team at the Sydney leg of the 2016 LAA Lipizzaner Accreditation

2015 AHAA National Championships



The LAA was represented at the 2015 AHAA National Championships, held at the Sydney International Equestian Centre, by purebred Lipizzaner Gelding 232 Favory Fecske II. "Illy" did remarkably well WINNING the Official Competitive Novice 2.2 pony dressage on the first day of competition. Illy finished off the two day competition by winning National Champion Ridden Lipizzaner among other success.

Conversano Allegra V

photos submitted by Laurel Park Lipzzaners, Annette and Richard Mitchell


"Leo", owner Annette and Dr. Yvonne Peeters at the 2016 Accreditation


Leo Levade sequence 3

"Leo" demonstrating Levade with Barrie Stratton looking on


"Leo" showing off his piaffe under saddle

Simba's Story

written by current owner, Lynne Curnow


 Performing the Levade at liberty, LAA AGM 2015

Neapolatano Steaka II (Stearia) was born at Ravenswood Stud Mt Compass SA from 2 imported Hungarian horses Neapolatano Trompeta and Steaka owned by Geoff Adcock.   He spent the first few years at the stud doing some light showing along with his older full brother Stephan. He and Stephan had been surprise foals as they thought that the mare was not fertile.   Both he and Stephan were then sold to a lipizzaner performance show around the age of 6 years and remained in the travelling show for about 7 years before being sold off. Unfortunately both Stearia and Stephan changed owners a couple of times over the next couple of years likely due to them being difficult to handle as they were kept as stallions in the show. Stearia (now Simba) was by chance purchased by a friend of mine who rescues horses, he had been advertised as a Lipizzaner but due to his poor condition he looked and acted far from one.   He had been sadly neglected both his feet and his teeth were in bad shape having not been done for some time. He could not chew effectively so he had lost a lot of weight and muscle, his coat was rough and dull, he was depressed (low energy) and was lame with a foot abscess.

I purchased Simba from my friend, she was at the time over-run with rescue cases and this horse needed a lot of attention.   After a bath it was discovered that he was branded so he was photographed along with the brand but the LAA did not have records of him or his brother. Guessing the origin of his line the photos were sent off to SA back to the Ravenswood Stud. The ex-manager of the stud and registrar of the former Lipizzaner Society, Chris Petroskski instantly recognised him along with the brand. I had about 7 years earlier visited Ravenswood and seen the Lipizzaner performance show (which Simba would have performed in) which took place in the indoor arena.

Simba settled into his new home fairly quickly, he did however have a number of behavioural issues, having a high fright flight response, lack of trust in people, he was claustrophobic (stable and float), was aggressive over food (even charging people) and had a real fear of a lunging whip. It took a year of rehabilitation for his feet and body condition along with 10 months of groundwork to build his confidence and trust in people.  Although well into his teens he was still quite a green horse under saddle as he was only worked on the long line in the travelling show. He had been trained to levade and capriole with a whip. After several clinics with trainer Greg Powell, Simba became a different horse, his attitude changed considerably and he became far more relaxed, was more confident and willing to trust people.   He has now been trained in liberty work.   Simba now is used for adult riding club, clinics and has done a number of breed displays where he has demonstrated his liberty work.

The photos below are taken a few weeks after he was rescued.

simba simba1


 Lipizzaners Out and About at the 2015 LAA AGM



From left to right:

Maestoso Gratia - Gratia - 6 year old stallion
Favory Feske II - Illy - 12 year old gelding
Neapolitano Steaka - Simba - 20 year old gelding
Favory Pomona II - Jasper - 3 year old gelding
Mirabonna - Bonn - 5 year old mare
Palmyra - mare
Favory Pomona - Petrus - 5 year old gelding
Favory Levita - Fabian - 3 year old stallion

  Favory Fecske II in the Dressage Arena



232 Favory Fecske II competing with his owner Nikki Harding in official pony dressage. Illy's "big horse" movement is a huge advantage in the pony dressage arena.