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Statement regarding the International Lipizzan Register (ILR), the LIF and the LAA

The LAA is a proud, strong and active member of the Lipizan International Federation (LIF).



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The LIF is NOT a studbook, nor was it ever intended to be.

The LIF is an umbrella organisation that acts as the go-between for the State Stud Farms of Europe, and the private breeders of the world.

The LIF is a facilitator in communication and education between the State Stud Farms, and the LIF member private breeder organisations.

All members of the LIF are highly participatory as evidenced by increasing numbers of member representation at LIF meetings. The purpose of which is to facilitate the exchange of ideas in order to progress knowledge of the breed. Australasia has been represented for many years at these meetings.

With each year, the LIF is progressing forward; the LAA is proud to be part of this positive forward movement.
The LIF board is made up of management from the European State Stud farms. Additionally, the Breeding Commission has three members. These members come from three private breeder organisations. These individuals meet several times a year of which the LAA is represented in person at most meetings. In 2013, a representative of the LAA was voted onto the Breeding Committee to represent private breeders from all member organisations outside Europe.

Since 2010, with a new board, the LIF has been committed to running comprehensive annual judges training courses and other projects. Full and comprehensive reports about the meetings are provided immediately to the membership of the LAA. The LAA believes that information and knowledge sharing is a vital part of maintaining and preserving the Lipizzaner breed. Consequently, all information in placed in the public domain and can be accessed on the LAA website (

International Lipizzan Register (ILR)

By entering into dialogue with its worldwide membership, the LIF decided that it is important to re-introduce the International Lipizzan Register. The ILR had been started some years previously, but was delayed due to circumstances out of the LIF’s control. In 2015 the LIF legalised the purchase of the rights for the ILR and have progressed it once again. In view of today’s harmonious attitudes with the LIF, we are in full belief it will continue to be a success.